Friday, August 21, 2009


"Y'all help him out- He's driving us crazy staying home all this time. Even the picture is out of focus and shaky, because he has the work DT's. Also, the font on this post went berserk, and he's gonna blame it on me. Like he does his farts. THAT, pisses me off, but what's a Dog to do? Besides that Don't bite the hand that feeds ya rule, heck, we pretty much got it made.

There have been so many things done, circulated, written about and posted on the Internet about the uniqueness of the English language. Well, this is about my Job. Pronounced Job, and not like the Biblical character Job. But how do you know. Now, Mrs. Job, when he was going through all his trials and tribulations, "Not tonight honey, I have festering pustules all over my body", probably went without sex for a while knew her husband's name was pronounced Job..... but-----------------------How do we know?
It could be pronounced Job and then we have a conundrum. We have been mispronouncing a Book of the Bible for years!

on the other hand- what if someone told you to get; up go out, and get a Job.......pronounced like the Biblical character: MY POINT EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!

What has this got to do with your Job you ask. Do you mean my Job or my Job? Well? Which one am I writing about currently. You could say both and well you should. Because that is the correct answer. If I have left you scratching your head and saying to yourself "WTF", then I have succeeded.

Why have I wasted 2 minutes of my life that I can never get back. Furthermore, why am I still reading this drivel you ask yourself. The answer is----- "suspense". That time proven proverb of "Curiosity Killed the Cat"> Now I doubt it was curiosity that killed the cat in the literal since because, how can a saying, Kill anything. Except


of which you have now wasted more! And you are hoping and praying that this leads to some logical conclusion so that your "TIME", will have been well spent.

How do you spend time? It is not recognized currency anywhere in the world except by two Tibetan Monks named Chang Shau and Roy.

I will be unable to do the 12 hour shifts after this last stent- here we go again with the words: stent, a medical device used to open up an artery, verses a stint, which again involves -----You got it--- TIME!!! And If I could save time in a bottle, I would retire.

Both are office jobs, within the same Hospital system for which I currently work . Only the JOB (which one?) titles have been changed to protect the innocent. Benefits slide over, uninterrupted, both are equidistant from my home. Seriously, within 1/4 mile difference.
btw- spell checker missed the word titles, because tile is actually a word. So I had to proof-read my own writing. If you can't trust Microsoft spellchecker/grammar-checkker- who can you trust?

One is a small office with which one of the physicians I have already worked. The other a large group practice that very rarely has any employee turn-over. One is well established, the other brand new. Both pay the same with equal benefits. Other than talking with and meeting the other Employees, how do you decide which one to take? All things considered I would like some input from my friends on the, or a, decision making process.

Since the word is process, it seems to indicate an ongoing situation doesn't it. But once you decide the process stops.........Hmmmmmmmm

Both are Office jobs of which I have been a Physicians' medical office manager foe 20 years, and this is just an hourly position. This would put me in line a little further for Management, within this large stable Hospital System and stop those back-breaking heart killing 12 hr shifts that turn into 14 hrs. by the time all the patients have been seen. I love the variety and pace of Urgent Care..I just wonder if I'll be happy "going backwards" so to speak? Actually it is a lateral move, it is purely for MY HEALTH reasons!

anyhow, writing it out helps........... and I'll possibly get an idea or 3 that I hadn't thought of.
I do plan to retire with this Company/Hospital by the way, so It's internal jobs that I have to Jockey for, and both of these are a major score (what poetry).

Bottom line: What if any would be your process for deciding one over the other? With like we said- pay, benefits, hours etc. being equal? 3 Docs New Practice....(New because it was needed in the area), or big longstanding practice (with a low turnover rate).