Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Now this is one of the ones I like.............Taken in Charleston SC harbor, leaning over the side of the bow and timing the shot- traveling about 22 mph in our Tournament Fishing boat on the way out of the harbor. (We WON best boat for the tourney (King Mackerel) and I got 2 certificates for largest fish of an Amberjack 16lb. and a Bonita 8 lb. on Ultralight tackle. $500 dollar first prize and an ass load of whichever Beer Company was sponsoring it!

I just downloaded all my pics from Google Online and I have almost filled up a 300 Gigabyte hard drive. I still have a ton of these on Snapfish, Ofoto, etc. ad nauseam; not to mention the 10000,s that I still have to scan in. It's amazing I've taken so many 35 mm snapshots over the years, and now with the ease of Digital- I can hopefully manage them better.

How many pics of the same valley of the Blue Ridge Parkway do you need? My mother lives up there for Goodness sake!!! They all look exactly alike. Having them on disc and the ability to see them one after another makes it sooooo much easier to delete them by the score keeping very few that had any artistic content to them at all.! Not to mention those during the late 70's early 80's LOL!!!!! Damn that must have been some goooood pot for me to have kept those pics. LOL.

I am finding that out of every 100 GREAT PICS I thought I took maybe, maybe...MAYBE 2 or 3 are really worth keeping for content or artistic merit. There are many many more of PEOPLE, with actual faces that seem to be so much better to keep for memories sake. Now I'm going to assort and go through these 100000,s of pics and keep very few of the "Artistic Ones, but make very memorable scrapbooks of people...replete with the stories behind them. The stories unfortunately will fade long before the pictures will, so I need to get them down first.

These scrapbooks won't mean much except to a very few people; but to those few they will be as Gold! With Dad's death a lot of my perspectives have changed- especially with him being propped up in the corner- (We're still saving up for the cremation). Wait a sec.....I'll try to get a quick pic up to post...............

to be continued,