Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Stand Down Irma!

Jesus calmed a storm and you mean all of Us together, do not have the Faith to stop a hurricane. After all this time, and all this Church? Is there no Faith to be found in America? To paraphrase ..."and greater things than this will you do, because I'm going to the Father on your behalf".
It's not even US doing it---it's the Belief and Faith we put in His Blood and in His Name! Jesus has already done the work! He Cried out: "It is Finished!"
The entirety of our country's woes can be summed up in one Word---SIN. Sin causes Fear and Unbelief, and ultimately Death. Spiritual Death.
Fear and unbelief stop us dead in our tracks, and our prayers don't get past the ceiling. Heck, we know as we're praying we have doubt!! Come on!!???. What a shame.
We're redeemed. Blood bought with ALL sin(s) paid for! Man I wish we as a body could act like it. We demean the work on the Cross every time we give in, to fear and doubt. We can stop this storm.
Especially if we are in agreement on it!
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Yet, I'm redeemed and forgiven: based on that I tell Irma to stand down and dissipate. In Jesus name...Irma, just stop.....and while we're at it--please send the moisture to stop the Wildfires, and heal our mighty Nation Father! Pray BIG! or go Home! If you are in agreement---just say Amen and share, if you are so led......
maybe we will find Faith is not dead in our Country.
Can we give God the praise beforehand???? Watch Him work!
Lifting Holy Hands to the King of Kings!!!
Revival anyone?? If so I think the first act we should all undertake as believers is to forgive and pray for any and all our enemies. Watch the World change exponentially for the better!

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