Friday, October 23, 2015

Special Trees....


Try New Specialtrees. These trees can be bought as a memento of your long lost loved ones. The Mighty Oak, for dead Uncle Sherman. The sturdy Pine for the clan of relatives in the South, or the Deadly Hemlock, (aka Mother-in-law tree for that special grave site! Comes with 1 doz dead flowers.)
Choose from hundreds of varieties with different hardiness zones. Some Specialtrees from Monsanto, cannot be killed at all. Even with War bombs!
Plant your own Specialtree today. You may not live to see it get really big, but your children may!
Call- 1-800- Roundup to get your Caint- Be- Kilt Tree today. limit 3 per family, void in NY, CT, and two small counties in Iowa.
Night to all, JMc
PS: Eat local veggies and fruits. Support organic if and when you can, but most of all please support all of your local farms and businesses when you can.

Dizzy? Stare at it for 30 seconds. C'mon, you've already wasted 3 minutes here! Love you, mean it!



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