Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas from Ocala Florida. Lake Sellars.

Christmas from Ocala Florida. Lake Sellars.

We celebrated Christmas with the family in our normal spot at my Brothers Workplace in Ocala National Forrest again this year. Last year I took around 650-700 pictures that week.

This year I went out on the first chilly foggy morning expecting my usual shots, and animal friends. I was able to get a few good shots, and then my battery died. No prob said I, i'll get the spare and charge this one.

Buzzer sound   and again- a loud buzzer sound!!  2 strikes. 

OK I thought. I'll plug it into wall charger. LOUD--REALLY LOUD BUZZER SOUND

Strike 3- Forgot wall charger,. Some photog huh? Forgets to charge spare battery, let's first battery die early, and forgets wall charger!!!!!!


Is that a loud buzzer sound? How do you write that? Like a Buzzer a a Basketball game.....annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!???????

These are a few that I was able to salvage.......

 A Bell. Thankfully, it did not toll.

 Moons and Moss!

 My Brother picked out the finest in linen for me. I Loved That Movie!

 A Beautiful Foggy Morning. My Cabin view from the hill.

 Sunrise--FL. Over Palmettos and Pines

 Oh what a Web of Tangles......yeah--you know it!

 Little slice of Heaven


This cove holds some really, and I mean really nice Bass!

 Heroin Sand-- See the TRACK MARKS!!!!!!

Bob and Ichabod Crane

Bob, Ichabod and Gus.

Done hastily, but I hope you enjoy. Drove over 1,000 miles and it was AWESOME!!!!

Love to all!



  1. Enjoyed your photos, especially the Reflection-noitcelfeR!

  2. Well then- you STILL got some awesome photos! You must have been jonesing for a camera battery as much as you love to take photographs. But it looks like you had a wonderful time anyway.

    I see your love of nature is a family affair.

    Happy New Year wishes to you John. Glad you are a cyber friend.
    Now go charge a few batteries why don't ya?!

  3. Thanks Kelly and Pamo! Batteries charged!



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