Friday, December 11, 2009


Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

(Have a listen to a cool song)

I also respect your right to say whatever you want to say as well. 

But as for me an my house:


Joshua 24:15 - Passage Lookup - New International Version ...
15 But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom ... But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD." ...


  1. Amen. I enjoyed the intent of the song but not the song itself so much.

    I say Merry Christmas. If someone tells me they don't celebrate Christmas, then I'll wish them something else. Why quibble? Take the greeting as it is intended.

  2. Jeannie,

    Agreed. I try not to push my, or any agenda- but on the other hand, what's that saying- You have to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything!

    Religion and politics eh!! Strange bedfellows! It certainly isn't something to lose sleep over, but some traditions die hard with me. The commercialization of Christmas is one that kinda hits me wrong. Like the money changers!

    Don't get me wrong, I was into Xmas and toys, for almost more years than I have been a Christian!

    Hope everything is well in you neck of the woods!!!

    Happy HoliDAZE :-)


    AS ALWAYS- Thanks for your Input and INsight!!!!!

  3. Funky song...and I'm a big Merry Christmas person myself, but like Jeannie, I don't push the issue. It's not my job. I do, however, stand for what I believe in and that is JC. After all, he is the reason for it all.

    Hope you're enjoying the Holly Daze, amiguito! :)

  4. Hi, John!

    Joshua's call there was to get the people to see their folly, not permission for them to worship whomever they wanted to worship. Joshua 24:16 gives the peoples' response:

    Then the people answered, “Far be it from us that we should forsake the Lord to serve other gods (ESV)

    It was Elijah who stood before the people of Israel and said the same thing, knowing full well that Baal is no god at all, and he proved it in 1 Kings 18. Paul tells us what Baal (and all idols) really are in 1 Cor. 10:19-23 and 1 Cor.11:13-15.

    So it's important to be careful to bring any verse of Scripture into context with the rest of the counsel of God, striving to be workmen who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. We have a world today that honestly believes that one thing can be true for one person and the opposite be true for someone else, with no apparent understanding of what Truth is, by definition (absolute, unchanging, not dependent on conditions). The pluralistic idea that we see throughout history (worshipping a part of creation - even our own ideas of God) instead of the God of the Scripture, is sin and primarily the backdrop of the Old Testament (besides the glorious shadows of Christ coming up all the way through it, so that we are all the more amazed by His grace in light of our utter rebellion). Doing what is right in our own eyes is sin, and Christ bore the wrath of God for the sins of those who repent and believe and who are born again. Grace is not cheap, it cost the precious blood of the Lamb ,the crucifixion of His body and soul. It calls for us to die to ourselves daily and take up our crosses and follow Him. Friendship with the world is enmity with God (James 4). How much more blesssed, then, are we who, while enemies, were reconciled to God through the blood of His only begotten Son, and will be saved by His life? (Romans 5)

    Hebrews 1: 1-4:

    Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high,having become as much superior to angels as the name he has inherited is more excellent than theirs.

    Good to see you around, Merry Christmas!

  5. Lil'- Agree! Merry Christmas and I hope you are warm and cozy in Miami. We are about to get out first really hard freeze! We even had a little sleet. I think I've seen Scarface advertised or on a number of stations about 20 times in the past month! LOL- What an uplifting Holiday pic right?????

    Love ya,


    Barbara- HELLO GAL!!!!! Great to hear from you and thanks for a great clarification and post!

    God Bless you and I haven't been on as much as usual.

    Please Pray, just a general God's Will- more specifically- MY OBEDIENCE!!!!! Going to Cardiologist in the a.m. and this concerns my Disability. Work did me kinda dirty- but hey-- It's all in His hands!

    Well, How are you and the grown chillins'. You still right down South of me?

    Again- Great to hear from you

    Always your Friend,


  6. Oh, yes, very much still a Jawja Gal. If you follow the link that contains my name (above) you'll get to my blogger profile.... ;)

    And will do. We are called to pray for one another in this time of battle. If I may, I'll leave you with this from Mark Driscoll in Death By Love: Letters from the Cross, p. 202 (Caleb's Christus Exemplar):

    The great Reformer Martin Luther distinguished between the Christianity Lite theology of glory and the theology of the cross. The theology of glory celebrates what human beings can do based on their personal vision, self-discipline, and hard work. The theology of the cross celebrates what Jesus alone can accomplish for us, through us, with us, and in spite of us. The theology of glory seeks to know God directly in his power, wisdom, success, and glory. The theology of the cross seeks to know God through the seeming weakness, folly, failure, and shame of the crucified Jesus. The theology of glory seeks to use God to avoid suffering, hardship, pain, shame, loss, and failure. The theology of the cross seeks to see suffering, hardship, pain, shame, loss, and failure as opportunities to grow in an understanding, appreciation, and emulation of the crucified Jesus. The theology of glory seeks to use God to obtain health and wealth. The theology of the cross seeks Jesus, even if that should mean experiencing pain and poverty like Jesus.

    Remember too, Heb. 12:1-6 and 1 Peter is just rich and deep, esp. chapters 2 and 4.

    Turn your eyes upon Jesus
    Look full in His wonderful face
    And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
    In the light of His glory and grace.

    Ever your sister in Christ,

  7. Thank you Barbara!!

    Much Love In Christ,


    Will be on your blog in a jiffy!


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