Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Wife is home from the Hospital. She is still running a low grade had dropped to normal but is back up to 101 this morning. She can already feel her right arm again, this quickly after surgery!!! This is even before the neck and the irritation from the surgery had a chance to calm down! She is even on very little pain meds!! GOD IS GOOD!

Of course when you have a caregiver as awesome as moi, she's bound to get better. LOL---OOOps, I think I left her sitting on the porch with her coffee. That was at 8:30 am and now it's 2:00. Guess I'd better go check, especially since I heard that thump. Hey, I thought it was a cat jumping off the counter!

And how about that erecction? No, no Freudian slip here, we're screwed. Don't get mad, just wait 4 years and watch Nancy Pelosi who has control of almost everything now run us straight into the ground. She will throw Mr. Obama a crumb or two up front in his Presidency, and then with total Democratic control and the 5 minute rule and no Fillibusters, ram and jam every, pork, law, and attachment for special interests, right on through the into law.

Pray for America. Don't panic. Our God is still in control and I believe this is part of His plan to show us that without Godly Wisdom, and returning to the Word He set forth, that we in our Natural wisdom, cannot handle the responsibilities of self Government without His guidance. I think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they said One Nation Under God.

Just my Opinion, I'm open and willing to continue to support our country and troops. The American people have voted and I accept that decision. I don't like it but I accept it. If you never have or if it has been a long time, blow the dust off your Bible and start reading just to see what, if anything it speaks to your Heart. Ask God to enlighten You and help you understand His Word, because it is foreign unless we have a relationship with Him through His son. Sermon over.

Ok, I had to get that out and now it's over and done with. Let's move forward!



PS: Thank you all for the prayers that were sent up for my wife. Through contacts and e-mail she had people the world over praying for her. That is the Awesome power of the Internet!!!



  1. I'm so glad she's already mending. I don't know what to say about your election results. I wouldn't care except that your country influences ours a bit more than is fair. While Obama may not be the kind of Christian (or at all) you prefer, I'm not sure religion should be the main consideration in a President anyway. I know that sounds bad coming from a fellow Christian but not all Christians are sensible and the far right kinda scares me.

  2. It's so good to know she's feeling better and in good hands. Love the joke about leaving her on the porch for 6 hours! (It was a joke, wasn't it?) :)

    I had a little scare myself with my hubby in ER last night. Thank God, all's better now.

    It's like in Samuel (I think)...they wanted their "King" and they got him.

    We have to pray for him and move on.

  3. I could'nt have said it better myself. Thank you. It makes me feel better to know someone else thinks like me.

  4. Thank you Ladies!!!!!


    I agree with what you say as a Christian. We need a strong decisive leader and we have seen both extremes in America. Bush makes no bones about His faith, but when it comes to matters of State- like wars etc----SHOW me, don't quote scripture.

    There is so much room for our belief system, that I think a good word to use is TOLERANCE. We need to show more tolerance towards everyone. That would also cover the judgmental part as well as not seeming so narrow minded that we are not open to change. And boy are we gonna get change over the next four years. But God is still in control and we will just have to support the government like it says in the Word.

    Love you guys!!!! You're tops!!!!

    Scar Il, tu amiga!,

    It was more like 5 1/2 hours. LOL!!

  5. Yes, he's better now, was kidney stones. No fun! He gave birth two nights ago and he's still recovering!

  6. Oh OK--LOL...Kidney Stones.....least they weren't Rolling Stones...I know- LAME-O!!!!!



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