Friday, December 28, 2007


I hope this finds everyone in a fantastic mood and great Spirits as we get ready to start 2008!

My Mantra is: ALL WILL BE GREAT: in 2008!

Now please, please- once you have recovered from the breathtaking creative genius that went into that short but profound statement I want, to hit you with another surprise!:" Yes, YOU CAN USE IT IF YOU WANT! OR NOT!!!!!!

I know, I know- but that's the kind of guy I am. Please please subjects- off your knees! The ring kissing is embarrassing! I mean I'm not the Pope or anything like that.
Hang on a sec- ......... Nope- Had to ask the wife- definitely NOT the Pope.

I do have to go in and work New Years Eve from 10-10 but usually it's not too bad a shift. I have been off since 12-20 or 12-21 and after New Years Eve I don't have to go back until the 17th of January. It just worked out that I had plenty of annual leave and two friends who are in Nursing Clinical's really needed the time, so I let them work it and I took it off!

We have been doing absolutely nothing and it has been fantastic. We have been on the lookout for a Wii, but the more I think about it the more I may let it slide. We'll go over to a friends house New Years Eve when I get off work and try theirs out to see if we would really enjoy it. My wife is disabled- I may not have told you that- with two ruptured discs in Cervical and 2 in Lumbar. She is in constant pain but handles it with a grace you would not believe.

She has been a homewrec-- HomeMAKER for the past 18 years and taking care of me she deserves a Nobel Peace prize or maybe I deserve a piece too?? We'll see. Anywhoo- we thought the Wii may be an easy way to help with range of motion on a small scale and work up to treadmill, walking together again etc. She gets along very well physically for the most part- it's just the constant, never ending pain.

We are still very very blessed to have each other and are so fortunate to have all our limbs and minds etc! So "no" complaints form this young feller at all! The Holidayze have been excellent and I'm about to get Footballed out-(if that's possible) , but when you consider Basketball and Nascar is all we'll have until next fall I get a cold shiver down my spine!

We are looking forward to maybe renting a couple of movies and maybe even going to see Tom Hank's new one in the theater. It's hard for both of us to sit for a couple of hours in those seats! How pathetic is that!!!!!

I can't wait to make the rounds and catch up on all the news. My puter (the new one) is humming along perfectly now after a major driver glitch I had to work out with an HP Deskjet All-in One car wash, printer, fax, copier, Beanie Baby machine! I put a piece of paper in it the other day and came back and there was a Grey Florida Heron folded perfectly to scale Origamii style. So I'd say it's pretty well worth the Six grand I paid for it on D-Day. Or is it e-Baby? I get those confused.

Hope everyone had a Blessed Qwanset Hut, Hannuka, Christmas in July, Sparkling 4th of Presidents Day and got all the lead lined, mercury filled parcels you wished for. But I especially hope all of you who had children had an extra special Holliday and Christmas for them. I love kids on Christmas morn!!!! Never had any of our I think we missed some really special moments there.

Well, as you can tell buy the time and the length, I don't have a whole heck of a lot planned for today! LOL. Will make the rounds and say hi to all!



Loves to you all,



  1. That device that sends an electrical current to the spine might help your wife. I saw Jerry Lewis had one that saved his life from chronic pain.

    The Wii is fun, it's actually great exercise. I wouldn't pay a premium for one though.

    Have a great 08!

  2. Thanks Hammer- I think it's a TENS Unit your talking about right?
    Those work very well, esp. early on in the process!


  3. OH I am feeling better now.JEEZ the only problem is I still lie awae here at 3:30 am! HAVE A GREAT TIME OFF!!!!! i am holding up well over here in pain but far less nopw then I was :)

  4. Unless you think you'll enjoy the Wii as much - if not more - than your wife, you're probably wise to check out your friend's first. The Wii sports can be pretty physical (it's my new aerobic workout - I kid you not), but there are a lot of other games that are less physically challenging.

    Enjoy your time off!

  5. kaylee- hiya and glad your feeling better!

    elle- advice well taken- and i like Hammers idea about waiting till after all the buzz has settled, and my getting a second hand job. Whoops- THAT DID not come out right!

    A used one! Hope 08 is awesome for you and I really do appreciate the insight on the Wii!


    Hammer- thanks again Bro!

    Poopsy- I've been lurking. Been writing much more than visiting but I'm off for another long stretch so I'll be by! I did stop by your site several times though!!!!

    Thanks for everyone who drops by - I really appreciate it and it ahas definitely kept my from stopping blogging altogether! I appreciate each and very one of you.

    Thanks again all.



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