Thursday, December 5, 2013

Conversations with a friend

Conversation with a friend..

"Hey Joe"- (the Food Lion, Lion's Voice)- "John said for me to tell you hi. He's a wanker! Why do you still talk to him??? (but that's just my 2 cents!) Well, gotta eat at 9:35 while all the hunters are driving home. Plus I can get all my food at one store-- FOOD LION. Even though saying Lion kinda creeps me out.

Pic 1. Hey- I'm right here---RIGHT HERE! Can't you see me??


2. How about now????? Sheesh---you moron.

3. THERE- is that better? Now I'm completely exposed! 

4. Mmmmmm- Food Lion has the best produce.

5. nom nom nom.....

 6. Singing... "Nobody knows, the trouble I done seen, nobody knows but Je-SUSSSSS!


7. Joe- here are a few of my DEER friends across the way. 


OK--well- this Buck stops here. I don't know how many points I just lost due to this post- but it was done Post-haste. OK-I know that's one for sure. Talk to ya soon!