Friday, July 20, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes......

Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes......

You will probably see a lot of changes and experimentation as I tweak my Blog. I haven't changed it since I set it up WAYYYY BACK! So please bear with me.

This is a good segway into a recent award that 

I don't know about on FIRE- but I do sometimes want to burn BLOGGER down, but NOT the process of Blogging!

The bottom line is the answer to 2 Questions:

1. Why did you decide to start a blog?

2. What do you find is the hardest aspect of blogging?
1. I decided to start Blogging to transfer my daily journaling that I had faithfully done for about 17 years with only small breaks in between. You all know we have a Book in us and this was going to be my way of cleaning out A LOT of notebooks and going back through them, see where I had come from, where I was going and how I had changed. 

This is also where the Title FULL-ON-FORWARD came from.

I soon found out about the awesome World of the Blogosphere and realized I could meet and share with awesome people like Joe.

2. Hmmmmmm.....Staying true to John I think is the hardest part. It is easy to get caught up in numbers and stats first I did it for myself, and then I started to try to write for others.
That doesn't work for me.

I found that if I posted what I liked, felt, and believed, and had fun, that some people would still support and encourage me no matter what.

Essentially being honest and not having any Blogger's Remorse no matter what you post is the hardest part. Exposing yourself, being a little vulnerable sometimes. It is easy to hide behind the Anonymity of a Blog. But as you really make true "Cyber Friends"- I think we learn to lower our masks and let people in!

OH, and doing a post without a Picture is a Biyatch for me-- ;-)
Thanks Joe! You are a true Friend!

Joe and I visit a lot of the same great people and there was no number as to how many to pass this on to, so if you would like to share: please do--

either in Comments, or your own post!