Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Flowers in the Woods & One Creepy Giraffe

Flowers in the Woods & One Creepy Giraffe

Some of these Flowers are 100 yards from the house in the woods! What  an awesome caretaker worked here before me. I move in and am reaping the beautiful benefits of their labour!

OMGosh- does that mean I'm a democrat??  Just kidding-- Don't hate.

Eastern Achoowood

 Would you just look at that Begonia- why doesn't she have any decency!!!! You can see her Stamen!

 Flower Photo Bombs
 Flower Photo bomb! Who's that Bulb in the back???

 Gorgeous Gender-Dills
 Actually, I'm Bi !! and I just came out this Spring.

 Go ahead, Step on me Barefoot- I Double Dawg dare ya!

You're almost done!

 Creepy Giraffe as Promised!
After 2 Giraffes of Wine, Beth swore she saw LaMont smell the flowers.

Yes friends, It appears ole John has too much time on his hands, and is feeling froggy again, and that is a bad combo- FOR YOU!