Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Inspiration Today before Ily's Post!

Close-up of Inspiration

Discarded Ribbon in Field...Twisted almost into the Symbol for 

It's all a matter of perspective. Ily from Lil Red Hare, asked the provocative question: "What Inspires You?", after brilliant examples of what Inspired her. Others commented, inspiring me!

This is something that always is on my mind in one way or another! What is going to make me get up off the couch today? Most days recently I haven't felt like it. I just want to lay there in a funk staring mindlessly at a TV Screen. It's very easy that way. No expectations--no disappointments!

I should be dead. I got a do over- after a Triple Bypass in 2004. This should be enough one would think to Inspire me for a Lifetime! To a degree it did. It also led to other circumstances that left me depressed. As time went on- Ecstatic..depressed, ecstatic,-  Up, Down, Up Down...a veritable Yo-Yo effect. Similar to dieting!

My wife kept asking at times, Don't you realize what you have been given? The Gift of a second chance? A Mulligan! Another shot! So, I should have a totally new perspective on life right? Really? OK. But the jumping up and down stage is over! That's why I bought a Wii  !!!  LOL!

I'm very very grateful that we have the technology, (not for the Wii- ((for the By-pass!)), that cheated death and gave me  "X"  more years on Earth. I was also completely at peace with the other alternative too. Death.
Oh, come on..many say--You can't really mean that!

Yes I can. And do. Don't tell me how I feel about that! That's a perspective I have a firm grip on!

However, something happened over the past Month, to Month and a Half that changed my perspective, my outlook! What or Why, exactly--  I honestly don't know? Prayer?- probably! Karma? Luck? Whatever happened, I have a new-found joy in Life again. Blogging, Friends, Going, Doing, Hoping,..... I'm not sure why,  but all of a sudden it's back!
Now, I'm looking forward to each new day and the challenges it brings! I did force myself to break that cycle..... I had tried before and failed, but I gave it another go! 

I'm  finding Inspiration in all sorts of places. I'm LOOKING for it! Actively! And when I find it, I'm taking pictures of it, writing it down, and at this point and time Blogging it. That is my artistic outlet. I hope and pray that this may also inspire, spark a smile, jog a memory, anything, in someone who may stumble across this Blog, on their Funk-de-Jour!!

Jim and I were laughing so hard today after only 3 minutes on the phone, just discussing what time I was going to leave Thursday. Crying, we were! Laughing so hard, tears were streaming down our faces like kids at a sleep over! And we haven't even started the trip yet! If this is my last memory on Earth it will be well worth it.
But, I'm also a realist. There will be days when the Inspiration is just not there. To say it is would be a lie. However, I pray I don't dwell there, and if and when that happens; I'll come across a simple, yet profound post from a friend that simply asks, "What inspires you?" I too, hope to inspire someone on a down day, to pick themselves up off the Pity Couch, and propel them into the World of Hope and Inspiration, however brief their journey!

Sometimes that first step is a bitch! Take it- it's worth it!


Three people were viewing the Grand Canyon-- an artist, a pastor and a cowboy. As they stood on the edge of that massive abyss, each one responded with a cry of exclamation:

The Artist said, "Ah, what a beautiful scene to paint!"

The Pastor exclaimed,  "What a wonderful example of the handiwork of God!"

and finally the 

Cowboy mused, "Hell of a place to lose a Cow!"

3 valid and honest observations, eh? Just a matter of perspective!

DOC.  Looks exactly like Doc #1 that died the day we saw Sir Paul in Concert!


This is Faith

These guys help you keep life in perspective! When you think you've got it all together--