Friday, April 30, 2010


Many that have followed this blog for any time have seen countless pictures of the "Pond", 50 feet down the dirt road from the house. This is where my Snakes, Spiders,  virtually all my Nature Pics are taken. This is now completely flooded. At one time this past summer it almost went completely dry. This area is not a Natural Pond, is is merely an area where people dug out sand to be hauled off as fill dirt for many many years, and now fills with water. A Man-Made Mosquito pit-but beautiful 99% of the time! It is maybe 3-4 feet deep at it's deepest point!

This is never underwater. You can walk on dry land, well past these trees, easily for 30 yards and it will still only be swampy.

This is a picture of how the "Pond" usually looks this time of year. It was an incredibly wet winter, but we are already in a deficit since January for this year! The Trees you see in the water on the picture above- are all the way across the pond, on the far left hand side. You can barely see a slight depression in the middle, left, that is holding only a foot or so of water. There is now water in the spot where I am standing when I took this picture last Summer!


Any guess as to what it is?

If you guessed Gas/Oil on water, you are correct. In one area of the pond when it went almost completely dry, in a beautiful patch of mud and water, complete with Tadpoles and life; this sprang up out of the ground! I can only guess that it is, a BUBBLING CRUDE, BLACK GOLD, TEXAS TEA.....

The only problem is, is that it was man made! Garbage, dumped...probably where someone changed their oil at one time, or threw out an old oil filter! Who knows what is under there? I wish I could find them and make them DRINK IT!!!!

OK,  John, what's the point? The point is:

This is about a, 2 foot by 4 foot wide area. Everything around it is stone cold dead now! Not even a weed is growing there! That's the point. Now picture the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, and multiply the above by a Thousand if not Hundreds of thosands times!
Now let's compare it to the "Small"

OIL SPILL:   reported by BP "at first" which was oh--only about 1,000 barrels a day--and is now purported to be about 5,000 barrels and growing! Now it threatens the livelihood of thousands of people and an entire areas' economy! It is supposed to hit land in Louisiana tonight!

I too am very concerned about this massive leak and have no ready answers. I do know we have been operating rigs safely, for many years without any major disasters, and am surprised it took this long for something to happen. But if we quit every time we met adversity, or suffered a set back we still wouldn't have wheels.

What is/are the answer(s)?
What are the right questions?
What are your concerns?
What recourse's do we have, and which way do we turn now?
2012, Fact, Fiction, or just being fueled (pun intended) by recent world events?

I don't have the answers or solutions: I only wrote what questions I had on my mind, and documented what I saw first hand, on a minuscule scale in my own little world! After all- this is MY BLOG- where I express myself.

One thing I do know for sure: We will clean up this mess, learn from it, and perservere.

Why: Because we are AMERICAN'S, and that's what we do!!  Arrogant- Yes,  Cocky- Absolutely!