Monday, August 10, 2009


This is one of a pair of New Hawks that have just moved in this Spring!!! It's the first pic and the first time He has even been within any type of range, so I can't even believe it showed up in the pic. I'll get some good ones now that I know where they are nesting.

If he got my lil' frien, He's in trouble!




Hey, that reminds me. This time when there was a "GAS SHORTAGE", why didn't they lower the Speed Limits back to 55 mph again? Huh? WHY? Was it because it would cost millions to change all the 60, 65 and 70 mph signs back to 55????? Hell mo.

What do you think they did with all the other 55 mph signs left over from the last Gas debacle.

Oh, I know----they cut them in 1/2 and shipped them to Baseball parks all over the country, so whenever a team scored 5 runs they could hang that bad boy on the score board!

There is no gas shortage, there never has been a gas shortage and there never ever will be a gas shortage. It's a scam in case you haven't noticed. That's why Jesus walked everywhere he went.
He has a small Carbon footprint. That's why He could walk on water. He was mostly Hydrogen.

Maybe that's what it means "In the fullness of Christ", Being Filled with His Holy Spirit", and "Becoming less so He can become more"?

Nah. That ain't it.

Anyway, Going to my regular Doc today for my 6 months check and see the Cardiologist Thursday when I'm supposed to go back to work.

Well- I am actually going back to work--cuz basically I like to eat! I'll work on the hours/job/life thing as we go.

Oh, and I sent in my Resume for that teaching position at the Medical Office Assistants School (Remington College). It's small and just starting and is out of Fla. They are working on getting several Associate Degree programs started here too, so if I'm faculty , by then I may be able to move on up and continue taking courses while teaching.

One thing I know for sure. "My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus". Always has, always will. It's tight sometimes, but you can't stay tied up at the dock all your life. If you don't venture out, God will allow a storm to come and toss you like a salad with twenty five day old mayonnaise and Tequilla dressing!

Love to my Loyal subjects, yes you may kiss my Ring!