Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We are seeing a few Positive Influenza "A" flu's at our Urgent Scare. These are sent to DEHEC who further test them to get a PRESUMPTIVE POSITIVE on N1H1 or a negative- reported as a "SEASONAL" an actual Flu A. The Presumptive Positive is then sent to the CDC in Atlanta where it is tested and confirmed whether or not it is SWINE FLU or N1H1, and the contact the patients.

This is about a 7 day turnaround. Meanwhile- you give the patient and anyone in their household Tamiflu and they are to stay home for 7 days! So duhhhhhhhhh...... if you have a fever of 102- feel like crap, coughing up a lung, and sometimes diarrhea with body aches and pains-----STAY HOME- for 7 days or until you have NO fever !!!!!

THE TAMIFLU BAKER MEDS WILL HELP, BUT HELLO- IT'S A VIRUS AND WILL RUN IT'S COURSE. Hand washing is key and covering your mouth when you cough. Isolation will stop this Pandemic and the little bottles of hand sanitizer are awesome. You need those all year long to wipe down the cats at Wally World or any store, as it has been shown that even feces has been cultured from the handles.

I know, appetizing isn't it. But Diaper changes must be done and some people are hygienically challenged. - Translation: dirty, and smell like shit!

Also, before we get too occupied with cleanliness, lets remember, small amounts of exposure to germs are necessary to buildup antibodies against a major attack. So if you are not IMMUNOCOMPROMISED: Leukemia, Cancer, HIV, AIDS etc...then you need some good ole White Blood cells that can Kick the Crap outta certain Bacteria and Virus's.

Working 2, 14-15 hour shifts, (that is what our 12's are running right now) on Wed and Thursday and then have 4 days off. Will prob post Friday and swing around and read everyone to Catch up.!

Love to you all.