Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hi Everyone!

I miss you! I am loving my online classes but I have no time to Blog. I have used our Blogosphere several times as material for both classes. They are Communication and English/Grammar type classes. One specifically dealt with plagiarism and citing references---boy are we in trouble LOL!!!

Most of this of course referred to writing papers and doing research that you claimed was your own.

I must admit though- there are a lot of gray areas re: intellectual properties and copyright laws that we stray into. Some of you do an awesome job on giving credit for photographs etc on your sites. That is above and beyond the call and shows the extent of your Character and Honesty.

Don't worry- I would never link to a site as an example as this is our private area of our lives. Even though we choose to make them public we all still respect our privacy to a degree and a certain sense of confidentiality- except for the trolls, and they are the ones who plagiarize so what the heck!!!

This is an interesting site! PLAGIARISM.ORG ----Just look at the numbers section of college students who cheat! It is astounding and sickening and yet somehow- not all that surprising. Click on the Did You Know? button on the left hand side and scroll down to Plagiarism statistics!!! Source Plagiarism.Org. Source cited-
This is one way to cite on the Web. Just copy and paste the URL and state that is the source of your info.

Hope to visit around soon.....Love and miss everyone,