Friday, August 3, 2007


Today is Sales tax free weekend in SC--Whoooo-Hoooo! We pay no sales tax- 6% on certain goods Fri-Sun. This is a slight tax break to help with almost all back to school expenses.

Since my Printer is dead- I want to get a Printer-Fax_Copier-LeafBlower-Weed whacker all in one.

Does anybody know offhand a good buy-brand-do's- don'ts- etc.

I am going on-line to compare and get feedbacks and see what's in stock. I know a lot depends on what I'm going to do with it and the bottom line is very little. Mostly text and a few color prints. I have a Camera but I don't know about Cost Per Print, Ink etc and not sure I have time to do all the investigatin!!!

Any help appreciated- I'm going to MySimon, PriceWatch, Amazon and Of Course all the retail stores to check!

Thanks all