Saturday, August 11, 2007


Another birthday come and gone. Average as birthdays go- except for the swelling in my lower legs and shortness of breath. Went to Cardiologist and he ACTUALLY said-"this sometimes happens in the summertime!!!!" 1+ pitting edema- happens in the summertime-ay ay ay!!! He never touched me-- not once- HE NEVER LISTENED TO MY CHEST!!!!!!

Note to self: Change Cardiologists! However the Swelling is going down and I'm breathing easier. I did not ingest a lot of Sodium- eat anything loaded with it- no new meds etc. so I don't know why it happened. I actually feel really well. I'm taking another week off work and then I'm going back to work on 8 hour shifts instead of three 12's to see how I do.

Hammer- Had to take the Lexnmark Printer back- it died after 3 days! Yep- belly up- something with the power cord and an adapter in the back. So i went with an old standby- Got me an HP Office Jet All in One. Hope I have as much success with this as I did with my last 30.00 one. It last 3 years!!!!

Well I'm reconfiguring my puter still- trying to decide what Apps I want and what I don't- so I'll check in over the weekend. Hope every ones Summer is going well and I'll try to catch up on all the blogs tonight or Sunday.

Oh yeah- going to Flea market Sunday to check out some killer prices on some Rod and Reels they have there- a friend went and got some Ugly Sticks- no comments! for 15.00 each. We plan to go night fishing for some Crappie, and Striped Bass. It's just too danged hot to go mid-day. So that ought to be fun!

Blessings to all- and speaking of fishing that reminds me of an old song:

She was only the Fisherman's' Daughter,
But she was reeling when she saw my Rod!!

Did you actually expect to escape with out a corny JuanPun?????

May it never be!!!

Beunas Anus,