Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'M HOME AND STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Respiratory Therapist Coughs to DEATH- Phlegm at 11:00- "I don't care who you are...... That's funny right there!" LTCG (Larry The Cable Guy)


I LOVE Farrah's Faucett!!!

Thanks to all for your thought and PRAYERS!~

I had my Heart Catheterization Wednesday and there was an 80% Blockage of My Right Coronary Artery. It was not plaque (Cholesterol), but actually scar tissue from the bygraft from 2005!!! They missed it in 2006 when I went in with Chest Pain and they did a Stress Test but did not FEEL I needed a Cath! Hell- I FELT it! LOL.

All went exceedingly smoothly and It was NOT an UN-Pleasant experience at all. I'm taking off till the 13th. Will probably go to the Beach for a day or two and just chill!

Will be up and posting reguarly again in the next few days. Maybe not as often at first but the I'll gradually get back into it!!

Love, Hugs and High Fives to all.

John (Cath Man) McElveen

OK MG- This ones special for you- 3 Stooge voice)-hey I artery knock you upside the head- Your so vein. I went to Canada for this- I'm a Graft Dodger- (Hey I like that one). Have a heart and laff for me. I'm doing a STENT in the Hamptons. Course Mr. Hampton doesn't know it yet! Hey- I'll be here all wee........ ahem OK.