Sunday, June 10, 2007



I out did myself-whoooooo boy am I proud! Most of you know by now my wife and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on June 11th. There was a time there when I seriously didn't think we would make it but thanks to many prayers and good ole fashioned honesty and communication it looks like we will! I know-- I know-- hopping up and down--OKOK so I went all out--after 14 hours of Urgent Scare I was still in an awesome good mood!

So I did-it! I stopped at Walgreens' on the way home. Wait ladies-don't swoon yet- I'm just getting started- I know you are kicking yourselves because SHE Got the Lucky ONE that stops at Walgreens' two days BEFORE!!! 2 DAYS 2 Freaking FULL DAYS!

Don't you other guys even try to mess with OL el Romantico Himself! I bought her a Hershey's Beanie Baby that says 100 years on it! Why-- well cuz- it's 25 x 4 OK = 100- there smarty butt. We bought and sold Beanie Babies back in the day and had some fun and made some profits off the little critters. Good memories..but wait that's not all---

I bought her a book by my Favoritists author of all time- Max Lucado- Lonesome Life or Lifes Overcoming Joy of Easter- something like that. I thought how cool- buy her something she usually buys me! I'tll be GREAT!! Then I got her 2 Cards!

Two very special cards.. I Sure do love that woman.

25 yaers seems like an eternity and seems like the blink of an eye! I am Truly blessed by God- Who absolutely put this Union together- there is No way Humanly possible that it would have worked without Him. He is OUR ALL IN ALL_ our Hopes, dreams, aspirations, our Future- He is the LOVE that we share.

We will go to our favorite Japanes Restaurant- and then we will truly celebrate by returning to the Gulf Coast of Fla- (Where I was borneded and raised)- Plant City- right outside Tampa- and spend a week or two at Indian Rocks Beach.

I would now like all the men to bow at my feet- as I am the only man still living WITH a PENIS- that has not yet bought his wife a DIAMOND! I KNOW- I KNOW!!!

Ahhhhhhh Greatness! God is indeed Good! I pray She NEVER EVER NEVER EVER READS THIS!!!!

God bless and Love to you all!!

Thanks for being friends--- Seriously!! Thanks!!



“Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” (Colossians 3:13)--THIS IS KINDA COOL THAT THIS IS THE SCRIPTURE OF THE DAY THAT I HAVE IN MY SIDE BAR-- NEAT HUH??